Matt Taibbi asks, not entirely unreasonably, what it will take for the Pope to be gotten rid of.

I hate to point this out, but the Pope is already complicit in covering up systematic child abuse by the Catholic church through several decades.  That this hasn’t gotten rid of him means nothing will.  The Pope could go on TV tomorrow mainlining coke while punching pregnant mothers and it wouldn’t make a difference.  I mean, we now have abundant evidence the Pope is in charge of what is, essentially, the largest and most powerful child abuse ring in the world, and apparently that’s all OK, at least as far as the Vatican and various legal authorities in strongly Catholic are concerned.

As I’ve remarked, this has made me consider a career in being a Catholic priest.  Why, I’ll be able to rob banks and murder people who annoy me all day long, because apparently the law and basic morality don’t apply to God’s favourite child molestation ring.

Pro-tip: if the best you can do to distinguish yourself from a party of sociopaths who make alliances with European Nazis is a relatively obscure taxation debate, you’re fucked.

On the other hand, this bout of implicit honesty is refreshing.  Now it is almost impossible for anyone, except party hacks like Martin Kettle, naturally, to argue about the wide gulf of differences that seperate our two major parties from each other. You have the vaugely authoritarian state capitalists who don’t want to cut national insurance, and the vaugely authoritarian state capitalists who do.  Change!

You know…

Just thinking, it’s entirely possible that the British Tea Party are totally redundant.  I mean, we already have a group of loudmouth, borderline violent idiots who seem to have problems with other people’s religions and wet the bed at the mention of the word “socialism”.  And they’re called the English Defence League.

So, the scowling Scot finally did it.  A month of full out idiocy, nonstop media hysteria and hyperbolic nonsense is due to begin.

On the whole, there are worse ways to spend the next four weeks, I guess.  At least now, if I’m bored, I can go rile some easily upset Labour or Tory supporters ie; the vast majority of them.

No matter what I do, I can’t seem to shake the impression I should be posting here.  So back here I shall go…again.  I really have to be less indecisive.

Also, an election is on, so it is my moral duty to find out who is taking it seriously, and endlessly mock them.

I don’t actually own a B&B, but that is besides the point.  Of course, Chris Grayling is an idiot.  I’ve suspected this since his comments about The Wire, though no doubt if his earlier columns and “open letters” for various broadsheets hadn’t been so dreadfully dull, I would’ve noticed this important fact earlier.

However watching Labour try and score cheap points off his idiocy is pretty nauseating.  I mean, yes, Grayling seems content to make excuses for bigotry, but our government ships homosexuals back off to Iran, where they can be executed.

So, you know, on the balance of things, our government isn’t exactly in a position to criticize.


Cheap entertainment – you can laugh at misspelt Teabagger signs here.  I can’t wait until our own Teabaggers start doing the same, it should provide hours of fun for everyone with access to a dictionary.

Aw how cute

The Tories, Labour and our various oligarchs are all roleplaying. The game, as far as I can see, is “pretend we’re having a sustainable economic recovery, and then come up with reasons why someone else is going to wreck it.”

Unfortunately, the point that has escaped everyone’s notice is that we’re not actually having a recovery, we’re just moving out of the first dip of a much larger depression.  Fun times for all!  Sure, Labour and the Tories have “different” policies, but as far as I can tell, it’s the difference between chomping down on cyanide or arsenic.  You’re going to die anyway, the question is only how quickly it will happen.  Which policy corresponds to which poison, I will leave up to the reader to decide, as a personal exercise.

Every vote counts!

I got a letter through my door today informing me that if I vote for the same MP who has represented this area for the past 13 years, then I will be voting for “change”.

I can only assume this is some strange definition of the word “change” that only occurs in politics, since every other definition of the word would seem to clash with voting someone into their fourth term in public office.