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Matt Taibbi asks, not entirely unreasonably, what it will take for the Pope to be gotten rid of.

I hate to point this out, but the Pope is already complicit in covering up systematic child abuse by the Catholic church through several decades.  That this hasn’t gotten rid of him means nothing will.  The Pope could go on TV tomorrow mainlining coke while punching pregnant mothers and it wouldn’t make a difference.  I mean, we now have abundant evidence the Pope is in charge of what is, essentially, the largest and most powerful child abuse ring in the world, and apparently that’s all OK, at least as far as the Vatican and various legal authorities in strongly Catholic are concerned.

As I’ve remarked, this has made me consider a career in being a Catholic priest.  Why, I’ll be able to rob banks and murder people who annoy me all day long, because apparently the law and basic morality don’t apply to God’s favourite child molestation ring.

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While admittedly not the most effective attack on religion I have ever seen, failing both to be funny or make effective points, I’m not sure that it bombed so badly to deserve prison time.  I mean, that’s a seriously tough crowd.

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You know you have problems when you see the latest in government draconian legislation and the first thing you think is “I can totally piss people off with this.”

As the Telegraph has reported, the Government is looking to introduce a law where anyone who has ever left the country can be asked to prove their identity at any time, because they may be…I’m not actually sure of the rationale behind this.  Are they afraid that illegal immigrants will be stealing jobs from hardworking Poles?  That terrorists only ever come from abroad?

Anyway, as we know, the government does not actually have a plausible rationale for this, because the real reason is to slip in compulsory ID carrying legislation via the back door.  Because I don’t know about you, but when I go out, I don’t normally carry my passport with me.  And like many people, especially those living in places like Manchester or London, I don’t need to keep my driving licence on me for any real reason either.  But if everyone has a small, easy to carry, credit sized ID card, which the government has forced them to purchase, well then…

There is also the added bonus of this legislation almost certainly being used primarily against smudgy folk.  My pale skin and mostly British accent will no doubt make me less suspect (not that it will matter, since the legislation makes anyone who has ever left the country suspect), but this will no doubt be used to target ethnic minorities far more than the average person.

The amusing part in all of this is the threat.  If you refuse, you either get a £5000 fine, or 51 weeks in jail.  Well, firstly, I don’t have £5000.  Get in line, the University are still taking their pound of flesh from me.  So I’d get the 11 months and 3 weeks spent at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.  Since I am convinced sooner or later this government is going to throw up a wall around the border, and another wall around Westminster and soon enough declare those outside the City of London bubble as prisoners, this does not especially worry me.  I may as well go to prison now, and beat the rush.  I’m already trendsetting when it comes to unemployment, I may as well beat the rush on getting a cell too.

Of course, I have no intention of either going to jail, paying a fine or meekly showing my papers when whichever faceless beaurucrat decides they would like to exercise some power.  As far as I’m aware, “forgetting” your papers, being nicked for it, being brought down to the local police station then “miraculously” finding your papers again is not an offence.  Of course, this is not a good substitute for a kick in the teeth for every MP who will (no doubt) vote for this damnable piece of legislation, but timewasting and being a nusciance is a good second.

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See the full clip on Youtube. What a fucking tool.  I know Fox have a hardon for Anonymous because of all the grief they have caused them and Myspace, but at least O’Reilly could read his own Constitution, and learn how a proxy works.

Fuck it, I’d even be Fox’s consultant on all trolling and 1337 h4xx0r issues if they wanted.  Anything would be better than my current job.

h/t to Payne for the bad, MS-Painted pic.

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Unfortunately, it seems I am rather late to this party, but I was directed to the hilarious National Vigilante Organization by the good folk at Mailwatch – and boy, I’ve barely stopped laughing since.

To get an idea of the mindset, you have to imagine the sort of person who reads The Sun, the Daily and The Express, every single day, and believes it is all true. A scary thought, I know, but keep it in mind.

When Tony Blair was elected in 1997 he promised to be “Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime”.

Today that is just a sick joke !

Because all those filled jails and increasingly illiberal crime policies are just a figment of the liberafascist left’s imagination!

Except for the millions who have been betrayed for years by incompetent ministers and a police force which cares more about political correctness than actually catching criminals !

Is it just me, or does anyone who uses the word politically correct never actually seem to know what they are talking about?

Crime in the UK is now running at over ONE CRIME A SECOND – but nothing gets done !

My god, this country has gone to the dogs! Wait, one crime a second? But thats like…33,556,926 crimes per year. So within 2 years, every single person in the country (plus some tourists) has, on average, committed a crime. Even if we include repeat offenders, we’re talking what, five years before we lock up most of the population, right? Why not just throw up a big wall around the entire country and call it a day?

Fear of teenage violence is now so widespread that over 1.7 million Britons dare not go out after nightfall because of teenage gangs !

Translation: I fear to leave my parents basement, and so should you. DONT MAKE FUN OF ME, I HAVE A PERFECTLY VALID REASON!!!

The results of their policies can be seen everywhere – mindless thugs roaming the streets looking for innocent victims to attack, elderly people brutally beaten or even murdered in their own homes, and the final obscenity – children who have never known a day’s discipline in their lives murdering other children !

I just looked out the window, and I couldn’t see evidence of this. I saw some guy drop a chocolate wrapper, but I don’t think that counts.

So much so that any attempt to stand up for one’s own rights is met with persecution and prosecution by incompetent and gutless police who would rather defend the yobs than arrest them !

Well, it makes sense, yeah? Think about it, what do police need most? Criminals, right? Without criminals, the liberal lefty PC do gooders wouldn’t be able to tax us to death. So of course they’re gonna be in it together, its the oldest trick in the book. The solution, I believe, is simple. We must abolish the police.

While crimes are now committed at a rate of more than one a second, over 2000 man years are wasted by the police EVERY SINGLE YEAR on so-called “diversity training” !

And if we did it by dog years, it would be 14,000 years! This is an outrage!

Day by day we slip further and further into a police state, where the police consider themselves above any law – building illegal databases in order to criminalise every single person in the country !

Um, hang on a minute…

Anyone can now be arrested and convicted, not of any ACTUAL crime, but merely upon someone else’s word – with the police accepting that word as truth – allowing the law to be used as a weapon of destruction against the innocent !

So why are they having such problems arresting yobs then? Ah, of course, the conspiracy. Sorry, carry on.

After decades of liberal claptrap, where thugs and yobs have been portrayed as victims, not the scum they really are, we have a “justice” system totally perverted into a hideous parody of justice, where scum are protected, and the REAL victims are persecuted!

But not me. My tinfoil hat makes me immune to their brainwashing! With my tinfoil, and my strawmen, I will smash the liberal-leftist-yob-police-paedo-conspiracy!

The 1998 Human Rights Act has proved to be a total, unmitigated disaster and MUST be repealed!

The REAL rights of decent honest people to a life free from fear have been replaced by a lunatic system where the “rights” of criminals are put above the rights of innocent people.

Murderers have been set free to kill again because their so-called “human rights” were held to be greater than a decent person’s right not to be murdered!

That’s actually covered under Article 17 of the Charter, the “murderers rights trump decent person’s right” ammendment. When will you silly liberals learn to read before signing up to such things?

Since you are reading this online you can join our CYBER WARRIORS and start FIGHTING BACK !

Oooh, cyber warriors! Just what the UK needs, its own version of the 101st Keyboard Kommandos Brigade.

By using the Internet we can change public opinion, and more importantly, make certain that the failures of the Government and the various agencies who should be protecting us are made public !

Most people would set their sights a little higher and try for logical, fact based arguments. Not NAVIGOR however, who spammed their website all over newspaper comments pages in order to recruit 9-5 office workers to become their CYBER WARRIORS!

I notice they don’t advocate fighting back the criminals by, you know, actually fighting. Because thats scary and they have knives and stuff and Navigor’s cyber warriors don’t want to get fucked over by a bunch of 15 year old kids. They might start having flashbacks to all those times they got beaten up for their lunch money, back at school, and no-one should want to inflict that sort of suffering on someone.

Sadly Navigor has an actual blog, bringing down the average IQ of bloggers everywhere. Fortunately though, it has not been updated for a good couple of weeks now, which is just as well, since LAW AND ORDER weenies give me headaches with their incessant crying.

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Interesting article from Threat Level about the whole Viacom-Youtube…well, insanity, I think is the only word I can use to describe it.

I’m sure as you recall, I actually uploaded a 30 second clip from The Colbert Report to showcase our success at ColbertGASM earlier in the year. And of course, since Viacom now have the IPs and usernames of everyone who has ever visited Youtube at any time at all, its only a matter of time before they track me down, charge me with the awful crime of posting a 30 second clip, then throw away the key.

At least its going to take them a damn long time to do so, given the amount of data to be handed over.

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